Flexible communication solutions for Managed
and Virtual Offices

Company/Tenant Configuration

Service-Call allows for the configuration and programming of multiple “Companies/Tenants”. Users are then assigned to a specific Company. When configured in this manner, each Company has their own individual;

  • Auto Attendant facility
  • Queue/Announcement Messages
  • Company Contact Directory
  • User Status View
  • User Dialing restrictions where required
  • Time Plans e.g. time of day routing, Night Service activation, etc.
  • Call Barring Rules
  • DDI/Call Routing
  • Outbound CLIs based on Company, Department or User DDIs
  • Feature Code activation/Feature Key programming
  • Hot Desk facilities, allowing users to change location whilst retaining their specific profile/set-up e.g. hot desking to a meeting/common room phone
  • Call forwarding to mobiles, landlines, etc.