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Room Phones

Whilst the use of a resident’s room phone has changed due to the greater use of mobile phones by guests phones for some hotels the retention of a room phone is still a key element. Service-Call supports business phones, hospitality specific phones and even traditional analogue phones.

Service-Call offers feature rich SIP phone integration, allowing the deployment of 3rd party SIP phones that are designed for the needs of this sector. These phones include integrated feature keys, anti-bacterial plastics and embedded USB ports, providing residents with an easy way to charge their smartphones.

Businesses located in older buildings cannot easily re-cable rooms for cat5/6 cabling. Service-Call’s advanced analogue phone module infrastructure allows existing analogue phones to be retained, or once again, hospitality specific phones to be deployed. If it’s not building infrastructure or budget restrictions then decoration and room style may lead the style of phone required. Service-Call even supports ‘trim’ phones - remember those?