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and Serviced Apartments

Service-Call Analytics - Business Reporting and Recording

Historical reporting and call recording can both be essential analytical tools for a business. Service-Call Reports provide fully integrated call statistics for both internal and external calls. Service-Call provides reports across a single location or a management view of multiple Hotels/Apartments and head office functions. Reports include: -

  • Historical call management reports
  • Browser based, for viewing anytime, anywhere, on anything
  • User permission based access
  • 31 Standard Reports
  • Capacity Planning
  • Cost Analysis
  • Performance Management
  • Scheduled Email Reporting
  • Call Alarms (Fraud Alert)

Reports, including queued call statistics, time taken to answer calls, call duration, review of busy periods and much more can be scheduled, automatically compiled and sent to selected staff via email. This eliminates the need to constantly look and search for reports.

Service-Call Recording allows calls to be automatically recorded, protecting staff and customers, with the ability to clearly announce to callers that their call is being recorded as soon as their call is connected. Using Vision Reports as the primary engine, staff with the appropriate level of permission can search and play back recordings. This is an invaluable tool for issue resolution and identifying miscommunication irrespective of who is potentially at fault. Service-Call recording is GDPR compliant, allowing for the deletion of specific recordings should the customer/supplier demand so.